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What Scaffolds in Sydney Do You Need for your Site?

When it comes to hiring scaffolds in Sydney, there are a wide range of options available and not just when it comes to the services but also the types of structure offered.

On any building site that involves working above the ground in buildings, you are going to require a scaffold in Sydney. This is to ensure the safety of those working on the site and also those who are in the surrounding area to make sure that bits and pieces of building material or tools do not fall onto civilians.

There are a number of regulations that must be followed when it comes to setting up a scaffold in Sydney and that is why you need to hire from the best so that you can be sure it will hold in tough conditions.

But what scaffold in Sydney due you need for your particular site? Well, there are three key types that are on offer to ensure that you have a safe and efficient work site for both the workers and surrounding pedestrians.


Light duty scaffolds in Sydney

These structures are designed to hold a ‘Safe Working Load’ (SWL) of 225kg per tower installed. Whilst this might seem like a lot, with a few people working and the required tools and materials it can quickly add up and no longer be enough to support the work.

These are great for light tradework or those doing some handyman work at home. They are extremely light being made from aluminium making them easy to transport and erect. They are a versatile and waterproof option.


Medium duty scaffolds in Sydney

These structures are designed to hold a ‘Safe Working Load’ (SWL) of 450kg per tower installed. This allows for heavy duty work and ensures that you can complete the work safely and efficiently onsite. Even better is that some companies will offer a lock option for these stronger structures meaning that you don’t need to worry about theft and can safely leave it overnight.

These are designed for construction sites involving heavy duty work on larger buildings. They are also waterproof and are simple to set up however do require professional assistance to ensure the safety of the workers and those in the surrounding areas.


Mobile and walk-through scaffolds in Sydney

Fitting within the medium to heavy duty category that is available is the mobile and walk-through options.

Mobile scaffolds in Sydney are great if you are working on a specific area at a time but will need to move it around the worksite in order to each all of the required areas. The walk-through version allows those on site to work from one end to the other without having to go up and down towers.

Both of these options are aimed at improving worksite efficiency and can be really beneficial when working on larger areas.


Set-up and safety

Most companies that offer a hire service for scaffolds in Sydney will also provide an installation service. This is because the structures are legally required to be installed by a professional to guarantee the safety of the workers using the structure but also for those civilians and other workers at ground level.

Whilst the structures are easy to set up, they do need to be installed correctly otherwise they will not be able to hold the weight specified. The professionals who install the scaffold in Sydney will conduct a risk assessment as well to ensure that all potential for injury around the structure is reduced or eliminated.

Hiring scaffolds in Sydney is simple once you know what you need and it is then easy to install and simple to use making your work site safe for everyone involved.

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