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Things to do before hiring a digital marketing agency

The optimal time to hire or consult a digital marketing agency is when you are able to and not when it’s a fundamental to stay afloat amongst the competition. If you are doing well they can sky rocket your reach and profits. A good online marketing campaign will progress with your business while keeping your brand’s voice and reputation.

No matter what industry your business belongs to, it’s never too late to improve your online marketing efforts. The majority of consumers have been online for a while, comparing and researching products that you could be missing out on. To make sure that you get the most out of a digital marketing agency, here are the things that you need to do beforehand.

Plan a goal

Having a goal in place in regards to what you want to do with your business online can make the journey a lot easier. Your goals determine what services you need and in turn what third party businesses that can assist you.

You also have to decide whether you’re after a one-time thing or a continual campaign that requires constant upkeep and maintenance. Knowing what type you want narrows down the list of potential services to help you.

Set a budget

Having a budget in place can be one of the most important things you need to do prior to starting your online marketing efforts. Establishing a rough budget gives you a ball park of what services you can utilise and where you money will be going.

This part may be difficult if you haven’t used an agency service before and are unaware of the prices. There’s no shame in asking beforehand either. It should be part of your planning to have multiple businesses available and comparing the costs and advantages of each.

Check past clients and testimonials

Have a look at what other companies that have used an agency have said before-hand. Are the industries that they’ve worked on the same as yours and if so what were the results? Having an understanding of results you could get and what the experience will be like will give you some pretty accurate preconceptions of the campaigns.

Have a good look at testimonials to see what they’re saying. If they seem vague or stiff in nature they could’ve had a poor experience that wasn’t what the client had intended.

Scope out their website

A big tip before hiring an agency is to look at their website. It holds all the information about their services prices and can even offer some other beneficial pieces that you may not have realised.

If their website has a blog you’ve gained some very valuable intel. Reading through the blog gives you an idea of the type of content and quality that the particular agency creates. Knowing if they’re up to date with the latest trends and how they position their articles will let you know if they brand themselves as an industry leader. For example are they talking about new ways to do things rather than only reporting on things that have happened?

An updated blog and website shows that the team that they have working there are passionate about the industry and are trying to constantly improve. There’s nothing worse than going to get your website optimised when theirs is worse than yours to begin with.

At the end of the day the most valuable piece of information is to ask questions. These agencies are here to help you ultimately and make sure that you’re comfortable and have the knowledge to better your online marketing efforts.

Have multiple agencies in mind and ask them the same questions if it makes you more comfortable. Company personality is also something to take into consideration so make sure that you get along when you’re looking for a potential agency.


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