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How to Decorate your Home with Artificial Plants

Many people enjoy decorating their homes and making them a personal safe haven where they can enjoy time with their loved ones. When it comes to design, many love to showcase their personalities and have their homes look a little different from the rest.  Furthermore, due to the amount of time that people spend inside these days, many people love to incorporate the outside within their homes as much as possible. This is often done with inside plants, with inside waterfalls or by including natural colours such as brown and green. Another great way to do this that many don’t know about is by using an artificial plant wall covering in the house. Artificial green walls have become the new it thing, however, they also come in a wide variety, so they are able to remain unique. They make a fantastic feature inside a property that really grasps the attention of visitors in a positive way.  Fake grass Sydney gardens are easy to install and are the perfect way to bring the outside in. Artificial plants also don’t have to be watered so they make an easy decoration that is sure to impress. While they are commonly used indoors, they can also be used outdoors or even as a privacy screen. With so much versatility it can be seen why artificial plant wall coverings are so popular. This article will explore this further, as well as closer look at how to decorate the home with artificial plants.


Create a luscious outdoor sitting area

One way that people incorporate artificial plant wall coverings is by hanging them in their outdoor sitting areas. This is especially popular for those who are renting. This makes a great way to cover up old, cracked and discoloured walls by instead featuring a luscious green wall. Furthermore, as it is artificial, the garden wall will look amazing all year round. Owners will not have to worry about plants dying in the cold or wilting in the sun, all they will have to do is simply sit back and enjoy their luscious outdoor sitting area. A lovely green wall can be paired with white metal chairs and tables to create an elegant and modern outdoor look.


Create a quirky kitchen look

Implementing a vertical garden in the kitchen can create a really fun and quirky look. Instead of staring at boring old tiles when cooking, people are able to admire their artificial garden and feel like they have a unique area to spend time in. One section of the kitchen can be covered to create a herb area or even a personalized tea area. A bright yellow teapot with additionally bright cups can be the perfect match for a green wall area and will be a great talking point when friends come to visit. For those who are looking for something a little different, they are able to let their imagination run wild when they begin to look into decorating with greenery.


Decorate your fences

Another popular option that many choose is to decorate their fences with greenery. Ivy green rolls can be purchased (along with other options) and simply rolled out along a fence to make it look more modern and bright. All of the fences in a property are able to be covered, or simply one fence can be done. Alternatively, a feature area can be used, which can look quite smart especially on a rooftop area. Many people flock to Pinterest to get ideas on how to decorate their fences, and there are plenty of different ways to incorporate plant walls for an amazing effect that is sure to wow.


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