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Current Wedding Photography Trends

Wedding photography is an exciting profession. There is always something new happening and often clients will find an idea on Pinterest and modify it to suit their own style.

If you are planning your upcoming wedding, discuss with your photographer how you can create images which are truly unique.

Don’t forget to remind your guests to stay after the ceremony if you would like them to appear in your photos.

Here are a few of the current wedding photography trends to look out for:


Architecture and Design

Backgrounds with architecture create interest. Where you get married will determine what is available to you and it is something to keep in mind when choosing a venue.

For example, a wedding photographer in Sydney, may have the happy couple pose in front of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.  A photographer in Paris may choose the Eiffel Tower.

Architectural backgrounds do not necessarily need to be well known landmarks, they may be something more personal.


Drone photography

Drone photography is a trend which many photographers are embracing. Not only is it fun, but it creates an interesting vantage point.

Include your guests in an outdoor photo, from the sky!

Drone photography allows you to have unusual angles and showcases your wedding day in a very different way.


Black and White

Black and white photography isn’t a new trend, but many couples are intrigued by the elegance this style provides.

Black and white or sepia tones create a romantic, vintage finish and won’t ever go out of date when framed on the wall. Small bursts of colour such as red can be added to a black and white print if desired.


Magazine Style

One wedding photography trend to look out for is editorial style shoots. The entire bridal party can be involved in this process with the results looking like a Kardashian style spread.

With investments in the dress, makeup, shoes and hair – why not make your bridal party feel like celebrities as you create something worthy of the pages of a magazine?

This works particularly well when the bridal party all have slightly different outfits. This is all about glamour!


Shots which are fun

After the stress and hustle and bustle of the ceremony is over, many photographers give the bridal party a chance to have some fun.

This is where personality comes in to play and will provide long lasting, happy memories.

Pose in a playground, give the groomsmen the bouquets or run along the beach. Everyone will be genuinely smiling for these ones!


Themes and add ons

A photographer with a creative flair will be able to use design tools to add special elements to a picture.

For example, guests could act as though they were being chased by aliens, hanging from a rainbow or throwing snowballs in the middle of summer. You are only limited by your imagination.

This will need to be planned in advanced to allow your photographer to correctly position those involved.


Adding accessories

Accessories and props are often used in photographs for a bit of extra flair.  Consider adding umbrellas, balloons, rustic signs or bubble blowers.

Colourful smoke bombs are on trend, and give a magical effect. This is an interesting way to add a pop of colour to your image.

Guests love a photo booth as it gives them a chance to be silly. This is an option many wedding photographers in Sydney will now include as part of their service.


Going back to nature

Making nature the background can be as simple as standing barefoot in front of some leafy green trees. If your photographer has a good eye they will be able to spot those beautiful outdoor backdrops.

Bad weather is often seen as an inconvenience, but can be used to a photographer’s advantage. Overcast, clouds or rain droplets can be emphasised.

Photos to form a series

Those moments before and after the wedding will be ones you can cherish when caught on camera. Think about an engagement shoot prior to the day, and a “trash the dress” series afterwards.

Capture your bridesmaids in the morning in matching robes before they have changed into their wedding attire.


Be creative…

Wedding photography trends come and go, and if you want to be truly unique you can modify any of these ideas to suit your personality.

The best photos are the ones which truly show the joy of the day, and how happy the couple is be tying the knot. If you choose a wedding photographer Sydney, you may even be able to submit your photos to the local newspaper.

Take the time to choose the right person for the job as you only have one chance to capture those moments.

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