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The Battle between Asphalt and Metal Roofing

There are many different types of roofing, a staggering amount in fact, all the way from straw to concrete; the reigning champion of which is asphalt. However as technology improves, so has our ingenuity and in recent years metal roofing has emerged as a new challenger to asphalt, battling for a home a top the roofing world.

We have pitted 5 key fundamentals to find which material makes for the superior roof:

Round 1 – Durability

The jeopardy of your roof is highly variable, it depends on many factors such as, how good the original installation was, if it’s hit by a storm, whether it’s maintained and many more. Not only does metal roofing have a better expected life, it is also more resistant to damage and disrepair. On average an asphalt roof should last 20-25 years, while a metal roof should last 50 years. So you can expect your metal roof to last longer and stay in better condition.

Victor – Metal

Round 2 – Aesthetic

Metal is metal, while it has the advantage of being able to be painted there’s little variance and ultimately it’s going to most often look like a metal sheet. Asphalt shingles of the other hand have much greater aesthetic customisability. You can have a range of colours and styles. Also the overlapping design of shingles can be more visually pleasing than the metal shingle or sheet look. Of course, what you believe looks better is simple personal preference, but asphalt shingle is usually regarded as the better looking of the two.

Victor – Asphalt

Round 3 – Temperature Allowance

Simply put, metal is a much better at moderating your home’s temperature. It reflects the heat away from the house and helps to keep your home cooler during summer and warmer during winter. Not only does this lead to a more temperate home, it can also save on energy spent on air conditioning and heating costs. Furthermore if you paint your roof a white or a lighter colour, the heat reflexivity properties are amplified, leading to much greater insulation.

Victor – Metal

Round 4 – Price

When it comes to pricing, asphalt shingles are almost always cheaper; however it really depends on the company hired and the specific material used. As pricing has so much variance it is hard to give exact guide, but generally asphalt costs around $45 per square metre, while metal total is around $60. While these should act as an approximation and not a specific amount, it is safe to assume that an asphalt roof is cheaper to install.

Victor – Asphalt

Round 5 – Environmentally friendly

The advent of increased consumer interest for environmentally friendly products is one reason for the rise in metal roofing. There are few main reasons for this; one is the aforementioned heat conducting insulation properties of a metal roof. Another is the fact that as they last longer, less material is produced and used. Additionally, once the metal has finished its life as a roof, it can be recycled into other things. This is in contrast to asphalt which has low, to no recyclability, although this is slowly changing for the better.

Victor – Metal

Metal roofing takes the victory 3-2! To conclude, if you want a nice looking roof that costs less, asphalt is the roof for you. However if you are searching for a longer lasting, energy efficient, temperature moderator than metal is the way to go.

It should be noted that there are other pros and cons of these two styles and the decision you make is about what is best for you.

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